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Wentworth Group (Wentworth Technologies) was formed by Walter Kuskowski in 1990. Walter’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident at a young age when asked by his father to oversee the family’s flour mill in Poland. In a week he would sell more than what the family typically sold in a month – he was 14 years old.

In 1966, Walter left Poland and eventually arrived in Canada a few years later. As a young engineer with a masters degree and an MBA, he was recruited by General Electric where he progressed through the ranks to lead major manufacturing facilities. After 18 successful years with GE, Walter decided to pursue his dream of having his own business.

In 1990, Walter acquired his first company – North Ontario Mold. Today Wentworth Technologies is an impressive group of companies that includes tooling and processing operations in Canada, US and Poland.

With Walter’s passing in November of 2023, his family carries on his legacy, dedication, and larger-than-life energy in the workplace. Wentworth remains a family owned and operated business with the singular mission – to provide best value to its customers, employees and supply chain partners.

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